Product Overview

Eligible Classes

McGowan Risk Specialists can tailor-make a large property program incorporating multiple named insured’s on a layered loss limit program, incorporating the use of a no cost rent-a-captive, along with a multi-layered approach.  This tailor-made approach will provide your Agency with your own program, help eliminate the competition and provide a competitive edge.

  • TIV:  Min $400M; Max:  No limit

 Insured Property Limits:  Up to $1 Billion

Coverage Overview

Coverages & Special Features

  • Coverages – ISO or manuscript primary and XS forms
  • Minimum Premium – $1,000,000
  • Coverages – Property, Large CGL Retentions, B&M, Floaters
  • Quarterly Adjustments available
  • Tailor-made automatic approval of additions
  • Reduced claims expenses

Carrier:  A.M. Best “A” Rated or Better

Territory: Nationwide

CAT & Specialty Property Division Applications

Download:  ACORD Application (125)
Download:  Habitational Questionnaire
Download:  Checklist
Download:  MRS CAT (SOV)
Download:  MRS NON-CAT (SOV)

To Obtain Quotes:

A complete submission requires the following:

  1. ACORD application (Commercial Section).
  2. 3 – 5 years of loss summary for all underlying policies.
  3. Supplemental applications (at the underwriter’s discretion).

Please submit to:

To Bind Coverage:

  1. A written request to bind.
  2. A signed ACORD submission.
  3. 3 years of loss runs for all underlying policies.
  4. Supplemental applications (at the underwriter’s discretion).

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